As a Ugandan-born Canadian educator and practicing Muslim, Irshan Manji is no stranger to offense, particularly because her take on Islam is one that has not been embraced by many that share in her religion. Her books, “The Trouble with Islam Today” and “Liberty and Love” have both been banned in a number of Muslim nations. But her newest book, entitled “Don’t Label Me,” moves away from religious dealings in favor of exploring possible solutions to America’s poisonous political climate. Her suggestion? Start teaching our kids not to take offense so readily.

I thought that Manji’s message was important, so I shared it on my Facebook page when I first came across it. Almost immediately I received a comment from someone that didn’t watch the video or read the caption. The person seemed to take offense at the idea that maybe we should ease off the throttle of our outrage machine, because those who earn our ire need to be told how wrong they are, and our kids need to know that’s the right thing to do.

Of course, Manji did address this is the video, but I’ll assume that some readers will also forgo the link in favor of taking offense, so I’ll transcribe her response to that concern here: