On a recent skit on Saturday Night Live, comedian Pete Davidson mocked the physical appearance of former Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw, saying he looked like a hit man in a porno movie. Dan himself was all class about it. In a self-shot video that appeared on TMZ, he said he was against demands for empty apologies for misstatements, but went on to add that service members themselves don’t see their injuries as fodder for humor.

This morning I was asked to appear on the HLN Network to comment on this incident. I’d like to restate a couple of the things I said in that segment, and make one or two points that time did not allow.

“Public veterans” like Marcus Luttrell, Dakota Meyer, Tim Kennedy, Kris Paronto, Rob O’Neill, myself and a host of others all take shots like this. We all have a hundred critics — some within our own community — who all have something to say about our lives and career choices after leaving service. We all tell ourselves that it just comes with the territory and try to develop pretty thick skins. But mocking Dan Crenshaw, and disabled combat veterans, is a bit different. Here’s why:

One of the unadvertised ‘benefits’ of serving in Special Operations units is that almost everyone comes out with some degree of service-related disability — neck, back, knees, hips, hearing loss. Dan Crenshaw was blinded in 2012 in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province by an exploding IED. He lost his right eye completely, and after several surgeries to restore the vision in his left eye went on to deploy twice more to Bahrain and Korea before retiring. He went back to school, and earned a Master’s Degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Now he’s running for Congress in Texas to replace a Congressman who’s retiring.