Disclaimer: This is part two of a series. The author’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of this website.

From youth leagues to the major leagues, sports are a massive industry in the United States. Over the years certain sports have gained in popularity while others have declined. One needs to look no further than the NFL for a prime example of how a popular sport can become a political lighting rod with issues like kneeling during the national anthem being in the forefront. In spite of their decline, purists of these sports still claim theirs is “America’s game” or “the best out there.”

As an athletic male that played a variety of sports such as baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, and others while growing up, I can’t deny that playing sports was always enjoyable regardless of the playing field and uniform. Where I separate my enjoyment for sports is when I have to choose whether to give sport organizations my money and time as a fan. The older I get, the more valuable my time is. If I’m going to part with either money or time, it had better be for something that is going to provide me with an enjoyable experience from which I can get a good return.

In a world where politics and the business of advertising often overshadows the actual game being played, here is why I find myself being more selective about what I watch and pay for — and why I think your favorite sport sucks, even though I still follow it as a fan.


Popular view: High-scoring and non-stop action!

Reality: Let’s be real. The game is irrelevant until the last 2-minutes are on the clock.

With a game that reaches scores above 150 points, you’d think it would hold my interest; but in reality it is a waste of time until the clock is about to run out. Particularly in the NBA where it is more surprising when the athletes miss a shot instead of making it, it is hard for me to care about teams trading shots until about the 2-minute mark. Considering that the last two minutes are played in millisecond stretches it actually extends to about 30 minutes, which is all the time I care to devote to it anyway.

Can I also mention that for all the grief soccer players get for soft-fouls, basketball is the only sport I know where a foul occurs when there is literally any bodily contact with the person shooting? Let’s hear it for stoppage of play and commercial breaks.