In what it’s calling “Operation Allies Refuge,” the United States is moving an initial group of 2,500 Afghans, who worked for the Western coalition, as well as their families to the Ft. Lee base in Virginia.

Other bases may be used in the future, but those locations aren’t known yet.

Fort Lee is located about 25 miles south of Richmond, VA. It is the home of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command – Sustainment Center of Excellence. It will serve as a way-station for Afghans who have passed the State Department’s screening for special immigrant visas, said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. 

“These people and their families are in the very final stages of the SIV process, so there’s just not a need for them to be on a military installation for long before they’ll work through the resettlement process, so just a few days,” Kirby said.

The plan is to get them to Ft. Lee for just a few days and then resettle them with the help of the State Department and various refugee agencies.

The Biden administration, according to State Department spokesman Ned Price, has created a task force to take qualified Afghan applicants out of the clutches of the Taliban and to the United States “once security vetting is complete.”

The task force includes personnel from several government agencies

“These are brave Afghans and their families… whose service to the United States has been certified by the embassy in Kabul and who have completed a thorough security vetting process,” Price said at a press conference.