Raid: a type of operation that captivates the mind and many people believe that it is the essence of what SOF units are about, hit hard and get out quickly, leaving only destruction in your wake. One such operation that I found fascinating as a young reader of military history was the Israeli raid on Green Island, a heavily fortified Egyptian position at the mouth of the Suez Canal.

While man was on his way to the moon on July 19th 1969, in a historical first for mankind, some other people in the Suez Canal were participating in mankind’s oldest occupation, warfare.

The operation was part of the  War of Attrition, the low intencity conflict that followed Israel’s major victory in the Six Days War. Actions during that period consisted of limited artilery shelling, air raids and special forces raids.

It was such an Egyptian raid on the eastern coast of the Suez Canal that put the plan for attacking Green Island in motion. On site, there was an early warning radar and ELINT gathering equipment and the destruction of these two assets was the main objective of the raid.