Doc: Day two came and we broke down our patrol base and began to move again. I noticed one of the squad leaders lingering around a rock formation, the same squad leader who didn’t want to take the IV bag I gave him. Once he moved away from the area I walked over to see what was so interesting to him, and no shit there was the IV bag which he tried to hide and leave behind.

Movement on the second day was more of the same, with more miserable terrain, and we were barely covering any distance. You have to take into account that just days before we were at sea level in Georgia, and now we were over 9,200 feet high traversing the Afghan mountains.

We finally made it right outside of the gorge where intelligence says that the initial firefight took place. We could also see houses in the distance.

Operation Red Wings Overwatch House
The view on top of the Afghan house we setup overwatch to search for the SEALs.

The team leader of a small over-watch team overlooking the area from above gets on the radio and simply says: “There’s fucking monkeys…” We had no idea what was going as we couldn’t see what they were seeing. Then the second transmission comes through: “If these things get any closer I’m going to engage them!”