Special thanks to a SOFREP reader who very graciously translated from French to English for us.  The original article can be Philippe Chapleau’s website. -Jack

Almost 2300 French soldiers have deployed (or waiting to be deployed) to Malian territory (according to Jean-Yves Le Drian, 3700 are in the theatre of operations which is from Senegal to Chad). A couple are waiting for airlift to Mali, others are at sea on the Dixmunde. The battle order of the Operation Serval.


Coming from Chad
One platoon of the 1st REC (Foreign Cavalry Regiment)
One company of the 21st RIMa (Marine Infantry Regiment), they are forming the GTIA (Joint tactical group) deployed between Sévaré (east) et Diabali (west)
One squadron of the 3rd RAMa (Marine Artillery Regiment)

Coming from Abidjan
8th RPIMa (Marine Airborne Infantry Regiment)
1st RHP (Airborne Hussar Regiment)
17th RGP (Airborne Engineer Regiment)

Coming from France
1st RIMa (Marine Infantry Regiment) (250 men, depart on the 24th january, with AMX10 RCs )
2nd RIMa (Marine Infantry Regiment) of Mans (one company) which moved to Diabali on Wednesday
3rd RIMa (Marine Infantry Regiment) of Vannes (150 men charged with force protection; 250 more on alert)
RICM (Marine Infantry Tank Regiment) (one armored squadron with AMX10 RCs)
92nd Infantry Regiment (two mechanized companies with VBCIs )
126th Infantry Regiment (one company)
68th Artillery Regiment of Africa (one battery withCAESARs )
11th RAMa (Marine Artillery Regiment) (one battery of120mm mortars)
31st Engineer Regiment (one company)
6th Engineer Regiment of Angers (one company)
7th Material Regiment
511th and 515th Logistics Regiment (with the 503rd in France)
Signalers (for exemple the 28th Signals Regiment)
One forward surgical unit (with a capacity of 10 operations/day); this is the 7th Airborne Surgical Unit in Bamako since Monday, the 14 january. A second will arrive at the end of the week.
The elements of the SEA (Army petrol services)

Light Aviation of the Army
One aeromobile group with the
5th RHC (Combat Helicopter Regiment) and the 1st RHC
One group of mountain commandos

Special Operations Command
More than 200 commandos (marine commandos included)
Several (minimum six) helicopters of the 4th RHFS (Special Forces Helicopter Regiment)
The airplanes of the 3/61 Poitou (transport planes)