President Trump campaigned on a platform of “America first,” which included adding pressure on European allies to begin meeting their financial obligations to the NATO alliance. While Trump was certainly not the first president to harp on what the United States often refers to as “burden sharing” among its allies, his rhetoric appears to have been taken more seriously than his predecessors. Members of the European Union have since begun discussing establishing a joint European defense force — one that wouldn’t need to rely on American military might to defend against potential threats posed by Russia and other global players.

However, despite a renewed fervor for military independence among some European leaders, Poland has been leaning the other way, doubling down their commitment to strengthening ties with the United States military and emphasizing their willingess to maintain a permanent U.S. military presence within their borders. In fact, Polish President Andrzej Duda is so eager to ensure American forces protect his nation’s sovereignty that he has promised a massive $2 billion for the establishment of a permanent military installation.

And knowing the American president’s proclivity for branding, Duda has even proposed a name for this installation: “Fort Trump.”

“I invite you to post more American military troops in Poland,” Duda said to Donald Trump, calling an American presence in his nation a “guarantor of security.”