When you start working on a piece like this, you need to frame it properly in your mind. The fact that I chose to include images of two controversial politicians in the feature photo all but guarantees me a limited audience for this piece, because a large portion of the readers who scroll past this story in their newsfeeds have already chosen sides. Those who support Donald Trump despite his predilection for misrepresenting facts will roll their eyes and scroll on by, mumbling something about “snowflakes.” Those who believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents the future of the Democratic party thanks to her own knack for fudging the truth will similarly dismiss this story, assured in their belief that her approach to politics is akin to fighting fire with fire.

But for the few of you who were willing to look beyond your own home team political bias and acknowledge the idea that neither of these politicians are doing America any favors with their rhetoric, I welcome you to the internet’s much maligned minority voice: the proud few who think the truth still matters.

It’s been a few years since the first time someone in Donald Trump’s corner had to take to the internet and utter those five magical words, “What he really meant was….” Since then, media outlets and their audiences have simply grown tired of fact-checking the president’s off-the-cuff remarks. We all know they’re often colored by misstated, misrepresented, or simply inaccurate facts used unintentionally or intentionally to bolster his political positions. For those with Trump bumper stickers on their cars, his relationship with the truth isn’t really what this administration is all about. They elected Donald Trump to advance their political agenda, and in the minds of many Americans, the ends are what matter, not the means. If Donald Trump has to misconstrue a few facts along the way, it’s a necessary evil we’ll just have to swallow while defeating the malignant liberal agenda.

And before you go and accuse me of being the one misrepresenting this situation, here’s Fox News’ own Chris Wallace getting fed up with the Trump administration’s casual relationship with the truth: