Hey everybody, we received some email from a reader today about the Kent Clizbe piece over on SOFREP. This reader was sincere and thoughtful, and raised some good points.

So I turn to you, the faithful SOFREP Mafia, for your opinion on this. Please read the blog post, read the note below and then provide your input in the survey that follows. Your opinion matters – as a group, and importantly, as INDIVIDUALS. Let us know what you think, please.


I thought this would be an appropriate way of airing my thoughts rather than out on the open board.

Sure, opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one but sometimes it’s best not to air either in public.

I’m dismayed/ worried by the choice of guest writer.
While I would fully support a large spotlight being shone on all nefarious government dealings this guest writer seems to more concerned with whoring out his blog.
SOFREP has gotten a lot of international coverage lately.
It would be a vast shame to see someone so self-serving try to hitch their star to yours.

I find Kent’s narrative bitter and juvenile and it seems to bring out the very worst in SOFREPs readership.

Obviously I’m not an American but even as an outsider I can see the negative effects that a contributor like Kent can do to SOFREP’s hard won credibility.

A few thoughts from a non-American.

~Red Tide.


GREAT RESPONSES! I’m reviewing all your responses and comments, and will have a nice summary for your reading pleasure late Sunday evening.