In a deep investigation, the Associated Press has uncovered that at least 1,900 military weapons have been lost or stolen in the last decade. Many of them ended up being involved in violent crimes. 

In one case, an M9 pistol that was stolen from Ft. Bragg, NC was used in four shootings in New York. More alarming to investigators was that the pistol, which was recovered by police in Albany, NY wasn’t even considered missing until police reached out to the military with the weapon’s serial numbers. 

For Years, the Army and Air Force Did Not Know the Number of Missing Weapons

The Pentagon used to share with members of Congress the number of weapons that were either lost or stolen. Nevertheless, that requirement ended years ago. So, using the Freedom of Information Act requests, the AP reviewed hundreds of military criminal case files or property loss reports of small arms.

A recovered stolen M4 carbine with the serial numbers. (Associated Press)

According to the AP’s report, the Army and Air Force couldn’t even pinpoint the number of weapons that have disappeared in the decade between 2010 and 2019. Furthermore, the Associated Press stated the military is trying to suppress those numbers.