On September 2, 2016, a bomb was detonated in a court building in Mardan, a city in northwest Pakistan. Police told the press that the suicide bomber threw a hand grenade in the room and then he rushed in after it detonated to set off his device. The terrorist attack killed 12 people and wounded at least 30 people.

Ijaz Khan, deputy inspector general of police for Mardan district, told reporters three lawyers and two police officers were among the dead at the courthouse.- BBC

Jamaat-ur-Ahrar claimed the attack and warned of more to follow.  Jamaat-ul-Ahrar is a faction of Pakistan Taliban that operates in the Peshawar Valley region. The spokesman for Jamaat-ur-Ahrar stated,

“We appeal to civilians to remain away from law enforcement installations and these un-Islamic courts. We will target them more.”

Just prior to the attack at the court building, multiple suicide bombers targeted a Christian neighborhood, killing four people and wounding several others.

Last month, a suicide bombing at a court in Quetta killed 18 lawyers. The bombing was carried out by the same group and for being considered “un-Islamic” as well.

Image courtesy of AFP