There is a gigantic elephant in the room that not many people seem to want to talk about. In fact, it’s a herd of elephants. The Biden Administration, many media and American allies are doing a really good job of ignoring these elephants. How everyone is gracefully dancing around the large quantities of elephant droppings is also no small feat. The fact that no one is calling out Pakistan’s involvement in Afghanistan over the years — and the last few months — is alarming and appalling.

Even as Pakistan has adamantly denied it, it has been no secret that it has been playing both sides in Afghanistan. Each administration across three presidencies has ignored that so Pakistan keeps getting away with it. As the Pakistani public relations machine continues its flimsy attempt at self-defense, it has become even more clear that Pakistan is no longer fooling anyone. Nevertheless, the issue at the heart of all this is that even now, no one is doing anything about it.


Pakistan Is a Perpetrator Not an Innocent Bystander

Throughout the many years of conflict in Afghanistan, just about everyone in the military knew that Pakistan was the issue. What that means is that even considering the Taliban and al-Qaeda, Pakistan always was the key and the solution to the issue. It was never going to be possible to control an insurgency and a terrorist group if the insurgents and terrorists could always slip away across the Pakistani border beyond the reach of the U.S. military.