In my last article, I illustrated how groups with Islamic terror ties were using the drug trade and Chavez’s former money-laundering scheme to slip through our backyard into the homeland. I have more information from down south on the Venezuelan terror connection as well.

When first discovered, the migration of Africans through this pipeline was exposed very little. The expected has happened: It’s become “mainstream.” There has been little to slow this problem down, and many Africans normally not eligible for the regular visa process for whatever reason have resorted to this method of entry into the good old US of A.

This problem has expanded into a larger area and is becoming a massive human-trafficking issue. Placing visas on the open market for whoever can afford them without knowing or caring who you are selling to has become a persistent problem in Panama. Citizenship is being offered on the market for “new birth countries,” and when the Islamic extremist movement is able to freely take part in this, the whole region and world can easily become affected.

Not so long ago—we are talking weeks—in San Miguelito, Panama, someone close to me asked if it was possible that Mexico and Canada were opening their borders to each other, making it easier for Mexicans to migrate north. I asked why. Well this will come as no surprise to some, but in light of thriving business in other southern Latin countries, Mexico does not want to be outdone, and so many of the outlying communities are placing birth certificates up for sale. They can earn $15,000 per person for a Mexican birth certificate, giving the buyer a new citizenship and birthplace. So now we have to worry about an extremely open and porous northern border as well. Currently, Canada has made the visa process much more Mexico friendly. However, it is not yet completely open.

So now that I have laid some groundwork, let’s look into what has been transpiring and going on the last few years. Back in January of 2011, prosecutors entered the name of an official not on the payroll under the Maria Gonzalez administration as minister of national immigration for the Panamanian government. She was later brought to trial and found guilty of selling numerous visas. Shortly after that, more and more Africans started showing up on the shores of Panama and in the Darien province.

There are numerous articles and videos of different news organizations illustrating this. As recently as a few months ago, Costa Rica had a similar problem with African migration. They have deported or deposited over 250 Africans on the border of Panama and Costa Rica. Currently they are being detained, as Panama is unsure of citizenships and what to do with them. This is also causing concern as to citizenship of Eritrean and Somali women who were pregnant, but have now given birth to babies in Panama, not to mention the 600 other Africans who were U.S. bound and were still detained in Costa Rica as of 22 April, 2016.

Now this should not be news, as I had discussed this in my previous article. What I did find surprising was that Ms. Gonzalez was a staunch Martinelli supporter from the past presidential administration in Panama, and two of her chief advisors are now high-level officials in the “secret police” for Panama. One of them is of Islamic heritage and has been rumored to be selling visas on the street. (Once a good money-making model, always a good money-making model, right?) He’s rumored to be selling visas to Muslims whose countries of origin would otherwise make them ineligible for entrance into Panama.

Don’t get me wrong; I have spent many years in the Middle East and have many Muslim friends. However, certain countries like Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza region prove to be problematic. This brings me back to Venezuela again. I was just in contact with a very close friend, a Paraguayan operative who’s currently south of Brazil. My friend gave me some surprising information I’d like to share. Now this also has quite a bit of info that reaches back more than a decade as a pattern of behavior for our narco/Marxist/Islamic-terror lead suckers. Please bear in mind it is paraphrased, as this is a translated copy and the best I can do.