No Man Left Behind

As US military personnel, it has been indoctrinated into us since day one that if worst comes to worst, we won’t be left behind to rot in some godforsaken country. We were convinced that our brothers would do everything humanly possible to ensure that we would be repatriated if we were taken as a prisoner by the enemy or killed in action.

The Special Forces Creed reads in part,

“I will not fail those with whom I serve…I will never leave a fallen comrade.” 

It is a sacred oath, not to be taken lightly. Men died, and some were permanently disabled in the attempt to bring deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl home. In the end, he was traded for members of the Taliban. And now we leave one of our own, Paul Whelan, a Marine who had done multiple tours of duty in Iraq, to stay in a Russian jail cell. It’s hurtful and embarrassing.