The Taliban, despite signing a peace deal with the United States, have vowed to keep attacking Afghan governmental forces. Over the weekend and on Friday they did exactly that by ramping up their attacks and targeting a number of Afghan towns and outposts.

They launched an attack on security posts in Bariha, located in the provincial capital of Zabul. Afghan Special Forces responded to the assault and drove it back at great cost to the Taliban, the Afghan army released in a statement.

The statement added that the Special Forces commandos killed four members of the Taliban during the fighting while capturing two vehicles along with some weapons and ammunition and arresting six Taliban. 

Local media reported, quoting Afghan army sources, that Afghan SF commandos counterattacked a Taliban stronghold soon after. According to the same sources, the SF troops conducted an operation against the Taliban in the Baghori area of Zabul late Saturday night, which resulted in five key Taliban commanders killed, and in the arrest of five other suspects of the Bariha attack. The Deputy Spokesman of the Afghan President, Dava Khan Minapal, also reported as such, but as of yet, there is no confirmation. 

Photo of Afghan Special Forces and a militant reportedly killed in the fighting of Zabul: Afghan Defense Ministry.

This comes as the Taliban militants killed at least 27 Afghan security personnel during an insider attack in Zabul province on Friday. In the predawn raid in a joint police/army headquarters in Qalat, infiltrators opened fire on their comrades as they slept. They then fled in two military Humvees and a pickup truck while stealing weapons and ammunition. 

The Dawlatbad district of Faryab province was also attacked on the same day. Attacks followed in Khanabad and Dasht-e Archi districts on Saturday night, and on Sunday the village of Baramzid in Balkh district was assaulted.