Math Doesn’t Lie

Wars are expensive endeavors which is why countries who lose them tend to do so because of financial issues rather than military issues.  In WWII, the United States was able to outspend everyone combined(including our own allies). We didn’t just outfit and supply our own armies and navies, but also provided the food, steel, fuel, tanks, planes, trucks, and even bullets to keep our allies in the war as well.

The numbers and the math of war cannot lie, they are things set in concrete and then embedded in steel frames.  Wars are won by the side that can bring the greatest amount of financial resources quickly to bear on an enemy. Germany had outstanding tanks and very well-trained crews in WWII, but they were beaten on the Western front by inferior tanks with inexperienced crews because the US could make 50,000 Sherman tanks in three years while the Germans struggled to make a little more than 6,500 Panthers in that same time period.

President Trump had this same problem with the EU over paying to support Ukraine in its desire to arm itself to defend against further Russian aggression. At one point President Trump withheld $250 million in aid to Ukraine until Europe stepped up and agreed to pay its fair share as well. Under the Obama administration, the US was loath to provide actual weapons to Ukraine(it would upset Putin) and instead sent blankets and other non-lethal aid to the tune of just $53 million in 2014 after the country had been invaded.

Currently, Europe is quite happy to send a few bits and pieces here and there to Ukraine but let “Uncle Sugar”(that’s us) pay 80% of the bill to protect a European country in another European war that will have the greatest impact on Europe itself. President Biden seems happy to do this since the war pretty much started over a disastrous foreign policy decision that believed the mere threat of sanctions could deter Putin from invading Ukraine.