Air Force Colonel John Dorrian conducted a press briefing at the Pentagon on Wednesday, in which he indicated that the progress made by coalition forces and the Iraqi military in recent days will have reverberating effects throughout the ISIS command structure, and will eventually lead to their defeat.

The ISIS-controlled area is “shrinking steadily with each passing day,” Colonel Dorrian told reporters. “The main effort is to isolate the remaining enemy remnants in the west part of Mosul,” he added, noting the terrorists will “either surrender or they’re going to be killed there.”

On Thursday, Iraqi forces continued to push through Mosul, capturing the airport, an important strategic launching point for further efforts to wipe the terrorist presence from Iraq.

“We are attacking Daesh (Islamic State) from multiple fronts to distract them and prevent them regrouping,” said federal police captain Amir Abdul Kareem, whose units are fighting near the Ghozlani military base in Mosul. “It’s the best way to knock them down quickly.”