A new report has confirmed what SOFREP reported last month about there being more troops in Iraq and Syria than were initially reported by the Pentagon.

Newsmax reports, “The Pentagon on Wednesday quietly increased that official accounting to 3,850 troops. Then, Baghdad-based military spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said it was “fair to say” there are hundreds more troops than even that number.”

SOFREP sources confirm that the number of total troops is still higher than what is currently being reported, but that it is understandable due to the sensitive nature of what is being done over there.

Another important factor contributing to the quietness surrounding the actual number of troops operating in the region is the fact that U.S. combat operations officially ended in 2014, along with the promise that there would be few to no boots on the ground. It does not reflect well on the current administration if they go back on their word, although it would appear they are doing just that.

Boots are indeed on the ground, and apparently increasing in number.