Taking care of yourself and your family is a continuous, ongoing process that requires you to constantly assess and reassess your security situation and needs.  In other words, one must be constantly thinking about how his or her own security needs are changing, and then one must adapt to the current threat environment.

Take, for example, the scourge of public shootings and stabbings that have plagued the United States and many other countries for the past few decades.  These require you to think about your everyday carry requirements, and to plan out how you will survive a mass shooting should one happen around you.

There is also the relatively more recent example of terrorist attacks that have broken out across the globe.  These often involve suicide bombers, shootings, knife attacks, and even vehicle attacks.  We have seen examples of all of these in recent years.  Again, these events require a specific response on your part to survive, all of which starts with preparedness and situational awareness.

Another, less common threat to consider is the home invasion, wherein your castle is stormed by armed invaders, be they thieves, rapists, or the like.  Additionally, consider an eruption of civil strife in your country or city, where your neighborhood turns into a battleground, and the streets become unsafe.  In both of these examples, you will need to hole up within your house and wait out events.