In today’s Pic of the Day, we see a purported Ukrainian Jew, a veteran of the Russo-Ukrainian war now fighting in Gaza, pointing to the words Слава Україні! (Glory to Ukraine!) scribbled on a school blackboard in the Gaza Strip. The image was taken this month.

I say “purported” because I wasn’t there to snap the photo. In the fog of war, there are lots of “maybes” and “could be.” Maybe he wrote the words himself and is shown here pointing at it, maybe not. Maybe he was born in Ukraine and then left for Israel when the USSR collapsed back in the early 90’s. Maybe not. We don’t know his back story. He’s an enigmatic figure. The face of modern warfare. Maybe he’s fighting alongside Russian Jews in Gaza against a common enemy. Could be. That’s the state of warfare in the 21st century. Sometimes it’s downright confusing.

Ukraine War Tactics Being Used in Gaza

Shifting gears and moving on to Ukraine and a completely different war. Ukrainian warfighters, friends of SOFREP, have sent me some pictures to share with all of you.  They were celebrating the Feast of Saint Nicholas, which was on December 6th.  As you can plainly see, after a year and a half at war, they still maintain a great sense of humor.

Ukraine st nicks day
These gifts were given to soldiers by schoolchildren (School #78). Thanks, kids!


More gifts and drawings by school kids.

Merry Christmas to one and all, and a hearty Slava Ukraini! to all of our Ukrainian friends.