When Jack Murphy tagged me in an article posted on Facebook about the increase of piracy incidents in the Caribbean, my initial thought was, “Is there a possibility of maritime security gigs there?” — a couple of days waiting for a ship on St. Kitts and Nevis is not exactly my idea of a bad time.

According to a report generated by the nonprofit organization Oceans Beyond Piracy, 71 pirate attacks happened in 2017 in Latin America and the Caribbean Sea: that is a 163 percent increase over previous years. In 59 percent of these incidents, the target was yachts and the wallets of the passengers, in what is described as robbery at sea.

Fishermen from Guyana were not as lucky as the passengers of the yachts; in total, 12 people are feared dead and the captain of a fishing boat was executed by pirates in separate incidents.

Lacking the conditions of Somalia in earlier years, as the states of the area are capable of mounting a response, the piracy in Latin America would be unlikely to evolve into anything more than robberies at sea.