If you haven’t heard about it yet, the PJs from the Air National Guard’s 129th Rescue Wing jumped in to the Pacific Ocean, about 900 miles off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, to save a sick child at sea. The 129th put up this great video on their Facebook page, where you can see the PJs following their zodiac package off the ramp.  NBC nightly news had a story about this as well, which you can watch right here. Apparently, the family is now catching some flak for taking a 1-year old baby that far out in the ocean.

Whatever your thoughts on that matter, it’s nice to know that no matter where you are, or how tough the conditions are, USAF pararescuemen will get to you and bring you home. Huge HOOYAH to the men of the 129th. -BK

From the San Francisco Chronicle: The Kaufmans were on a sailing trip around the world when Lyra developed a fever and a rash covering most of her body and wasn’t responding to medications. After their sailboat lost steering and communication abilities about 900 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, they sent a satellite call for help to the U.S. Coast Guard. A Coast Guard flight surgeon recommended the child see a doctor within two days, officials said.

The California Air National Guard‘s 129th Rescue Wing jumped into action and sent the four pararescuers, who are based at Moffett Field, in Mountain View. By 8 p.m. Thursday, they had parachuted into the water near the Rebel Heart, inflated a Zodiac boat and boarded the sailboat, where they treated the infant and remained with the family until the Vandegrift arrived Sunday.