Behold the mighty PKM machine gun, or as they call it in Kurdistan, the BKC. The poor man’s squad gun, it either works every time or shits the bed entirely and has to be repaired by an armorer. Like a 240B had a baby with a Kalashnikov, this beast provides the firepower superiority you need in a pinch. The Peshmerga employ these to great effect, issuing them to individuals to carry on offensives, place in strategically bunkered locations, and, of course, to use as turret guns for mobile support.

The PKM utilizes reusable belts of 7.62x54R ammo and weighs in at close to 18 lbs when fully loaded. A fairly simple design—maybe not Kalashnikov simple—this weapon does not require a whole lot of technical skill to operate. From a prone firing position, the weapon can be seamlessly transitioned between targets with help from its integrated bipod, and requires little to no effort in managing recoil.