If I am not indefinitely detained in a federal facility following this article,  I will cover my interrogation period in my next article. Yes, I beat you to it!

OK, so hands down I’ve been told again and again throughout my life to have a plan for everything. Apparently I’m the only one who took it as far as a plan to destroy the world. After all, aliens, the terrorist at a 0.00001 confidence interval might win, or the communist could rise. Who knows; but I have a plan if it all goes to hell.

Cool, I got this. All I would need to do is initiate a large nuclear fire near a fault line grid that connects to Yellowstone National Park. Too easy.

All that kit; well it really wouldn’t be too much. For the sake of argument in this no holds barred, steel cage, death match, worse case scenario and in an effort to avoid strenuous details. I’m tactically and technically competent enough to field acquisition the materials required to pull this off en route.