Over the past few days there have been three explosions in Turkey resulting in the deaths of at least 10 people and 300 injured.  The bombings occurred in the cities of Elazig, Van, and Gayda. The main target for the terrorist attacks appear to be police and military. According to CNN, Turkey is blaming the three bombings on the PKK, who have mainly targeted the Turkish police and military in the past. PKK has not officially claimed the explosions yet.

Explosion in Elazig

On Thursday, the explosion in Elazig, Turkey caused the most casualties out of the three bombings. The car bomb was placed outside of the police headquarters and killed three officers and wounded 217 people. 145 out of those injured were reported to be police officers. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim stated, “This is the separatist PKK terrorist organization and its extensions. There is no doubt about it.” CNN

Explosion near Gayda

On Thursday, an IED detonated near a military vehicle, killing five soldiers and a village guard. Four other soldiers were injured in the attack. According to Hurriyet Daily News,

Five soldiers and one village guard were killed and six soldiers were wounded on Aug. 18 in a PKK attack in the Hizan district of the eastern province of Bitlis, Doğan News Agency reported. PKK militants detonated a hand-made explosive placed on a road near the Gayda village during the passing of a military vehicle at around 1 p.m, killing five soldiers and wounding five others.”

Explosion in Van

On Wednesday in Van, Turkey a car bomb outside of the police station killed three (one was a police officer) and wounded at least 73. Twenty of the wounded were police officers.

There have been several bombings in the past month that have targeted police. Has the failed coup placed too much focus inward towards the police and military? These bombings have not been claimed by the PKK or another organization yet. More information to follow as it becomes available.

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