There I was, nestled deep into my favorite chair, a glass of Japanese whisky resting on the table, neat, beside me, contemplating the endless theater of American politics. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time as a Navy SEAL and from my many wild nights of literature and philosophy, it’s that the current state of our political system is a lot like watching a never-ending circus where the geriatric clowns have taken control.

The inmates are running the asylum, and we, the American taxpayers, have given these idiots a blank checkbook. We really have no one to blame but ourselves, but it’s time to end the political dumpster dive experiment.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats, in their grand dance of deception, continue to let us down, like a pair of old, worn-out shoes that never quite fit right and always give you blisters. The promises roll out every election season, coated in the candy floss of campaign rhetoric, only to melt away under the harsh light of reality. As a nation, we’ve been stuck on a carousel, spinning in circles, with the same old tunes playing, election after election.

Now, let’s talk about election reform. The current system is akin to choosing your dinner from a menu that only offers two dishes – and both are past their expiration date. Isn’t it about damn time we reshuffle this menu? A system that allows for more voices, more choices, and more accurate representation might just serve us a dish we can stomach. The Republicans and Democrats have had their time in the kitchen; maybe it’s time for some new chefs?

A few reforms worth thinking about:

  • Term Limits
  • Vote by Phone
  • Campaign finance limits
  • One (one only) 6-year flat Presidential term where someone can actually focus on the work.
  • Eliminate gerrymandering

Speaking of time, have you ever looked at Congress and the Senate lately? It’s like peering into God’s waiting room. While I appreciate the value of experience, the ossified state of our legislative bodies isn’t doing us any favors. It’s a geriatric party in there, and not the fun kind with disco balls and late-night dancing. If we’re expecting radical, progressive change from the same old faces that have been entrenched in their leather seats for decades, well, we might as well be waiting for Hunter Biden to found a rehab center in New Mexico or Trump to apologize for Duck Dynasty storming the White House on January 6th.

Congress as skeletons
Welcome to God’s waiting room. Please take a number. Original AI art by SOFREP.

But all jests aside, we need a wake-up call louder than a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart.

The term “woke” gets thrown around a lot these days, often mocked and memed to death. Yet, it’s high time we took its essence to heart. Being truly awake means demanding the change we deserve. It means not settling for the status quo. It’s about taking that wild, frenzied spirit of the ’60s, blending it with the modern drive for reform, and shaking the pillars of a system that’s grown far too comfortable in its complacency.