SOFREP has partnered with UnitingUS which works with military veteran artists around the country. Their work has been displayed at the Pentagon and at airport galleries around the country.

This week, SOFREP’s Art of War series brings you this work by Army veteran Ted Berkowitz.


Ted Berkowitz

Veteran – Army 1967-1969

Portrait of DACA

Chalk and Pencil on Canvas 



About the Artist: Ted’s Vietnam era service provided him with an opportunity to perfect his artistic representation of service, sacrifice, and war. Honoring all those who served before and after him, Ted’s realistic images connect historical references with present events. His art perspective of timeless themes thru history weaves in current-day issues and draws viewers in. 

Consider the opposing DACA stances presented as an image resembling the ancient Roman masterpiece, The Dying Gaul statue.  A warrior in his final moments, his expression painful as he collapses from a mortal wound. Gifting the viewer the option to decide if the image stirs feelings of courage in defeat, recognition of an alien race’s nobility, and part of a highly emotional celebration of the human spirit. Or an alternative conclusion? DACA… a road towards citizenship vs deportation after their demonstration of loyalty and resolve during their service.  

UnitingUS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to inspire, empower, and unite veterans, their family members, and the communities in which they live through the healing power of the arts. To purchase this artwork, learn more about this artist or hundreds of other military artists, or make donations please visit their website at