Only in fiction do billionaire playboys use their fortunes and talents to fight crime and deal out vigilante justice. In reality, at least one of them uses his powerful position for vain, petty, and psychopathic purposes.

In this case, investment banker Jeffrey Epstein ran an international pedophilia network which trafficked girls as young as 12 for sex with the American and British elite class.

Epstein’s pedophile network is alleged to included Prince Andrew, Epstein’s lawyer, the daughter of a disgraced publishing mogul (and probable Mossad asset), and the owner of a modeling agency. Many others are expected to come to light in the future. Bill Clinton was even present at some of the parties that Epstein held on his private island. Interestingly, this story has blown up in the British media, but the American press has been almost completely silent on the matter. Perhaps it has something to do with Hillary Clinton and her expected run at the next presidential elections.

As it turns out, Epstein was also running a robust blackmail operation. By providing underaged sex slaves to British and American elites, he was able to make secret recordings of some of these encounters, holding them for blackmail purposes. What this could mean to Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination is unclear.