Although, or perhaps because, we seem to have a problem with politicization of the Intelligence Community – not many intelligence officers wish to view current national security problems through a political lens – if they expressed such views as I have described below – their careers would be in jeopardy, at a minimum. Conservative columnists have broadly and often discussed progressivism’s assault on Western traditions, values and institutions for many years – but what I attempt to do here is apply these ideas – ideas which I am certain are true – to our present Intelligence Controversy of the Year – Russian disinformation and influence programs.

Regarding Russian disinformation and covert action – they have always done it – why is the Obama Administration so worried about it now? Why does Russian propaganda seem to strike more fear into the Western “powers that be” than in the past….?

The reason is fairly simple – because as our media becomes more biased, more manipulative – as our society falls increasingly under the sway of Progressivism, more out of tune with the principles of the majority of Americans – Russian propaganda, disinformation becomes more effective. Why is this so? Because Russia has set itself up as an alternative to the Western progressive model.

When Western leadership/institutions were more responsive to their own people, say for most of the past 75 years – Russia was unable to gain a solid foothold, although they have long sought to subvert Europe and the United States. Only now, however, as more average Americans – and Europeans – become disenchanted with our unresponsive governments – do Liberal Western Institutions fear the loss of their control over their respective societies to the siren call of a Russian “alternative.”