“We are ending an era of endless wars.”

Say what you want about Trump but he was right to say this to a graduating West Point class. Only it didn’t last long.

Warning, rant to follow.

Exit stage left, one of the most controversial presidents in American history, and enter his replacement, the establishment candidate of the left, Joe Biden.

His foreign policy circus tent smells like elephant dung and there are dodgy carnies everywhere. That’s the kind of feeling I get when I see what’s happening.

Biden’s Presidency has picked right back up with the beat of an out-of-touch foreign policy strategy that has left the Nation’s veterans with no seat as the music comes to a stop.

We have skyrocketing veteran suicide in this country, a Veterans Administration that actually does more harm than good for its patients. The suicide rates go up 30% when a veteran enters the Department of Veteran Affairs healthcare system. “Thank you for your service.”

The department is spiraling out of the sky as it continues to outsource the outsourcing in true Dunder Mifflin fashion.