So first and foremost, we at SOFREP are not endorsed by either Google or Proton. Nevertheless, as an average person, I often wonder which is the best. And I realized that’s a tricky question to answer. First, we will talk about why Gmail is so great, then switch to ProtonMail.

I love the ease of use provided by Google. While the primary purpose of an email service is to send messages, Google ensures that Gmail does more than this. 

Thanks to its smooth integration with several other Google tools such as Google Docs and Google Drive, you can use Google’s service to create content across the board. Then you can share the content on Drive with other Gmail users without leaving Google. 

If you’ve used other email providers before, particularly AOL and Yahoo Mail, then you must have experienced the annoying sight of intrusive ads. But with Gmail, it’s an entirely different story.

Of course, Gmail displays ads too. And what they are doing is scanning through your emails to set up ads that best fit you. While this might seem insignificant, for me, this is annoying and slightly alarming.

What About Spam?

Everyone hates it and Google does a great job at filtering it all out. If you have a Gmail account, you most likely have seen the folders at the top labeled “Social” and “Promotions.” And from there, Google makes it easy to unsubscribe from lists, designate spam, etc.

For me, there are only three drawbacks to having Gmail: