Russian President, Vladimir Putin, dismissed allegations regarding the Kremlin maintaining a dossier of damning information about American President Elect Donald Trump for use in black mail on Tuesday, referring to the idea as “rubbish.”

Vladimir Putin, along with the Russian intelligence community, were said to have had long-standing ties with Donald Trump in an unsubstantiated document released by Buzzfeed last week.  The report, believed to have been assembled by a former British intelligence officer, also suggested that Putin and his team have assembled a good deal of embarrassing information about the President-to-be that could be used as leverage against him.  In a joint press conference with the Moldovan president in Moscow, Putin took aim at those who assembled and released the report.

“These things that have been alleged are clearly false information,  It is true that when (Trump) came to Moscow — I don’t remember when, a few years ago — he was not a political actor. We did not know about his political ambitions. He was just a businessman, one of the rich people of America. What do you think — we have special security services running after every American billionaire? Of course not. It is complete rubbish,” the Russian president stated.

Putin went on to discredit claims that Donald Trump came to Russia and met with prostitutes, suggesting that the American businessman wouldn’t need to resort to mingling with Russia’s lower social classes.

“Did Trump really come and meet with Moscow prostitutes? Firstly he is an adult, and secondly he is a person who for many years has organized a beauty pageant, socialized with the most beautiful women in the world. It is hard to believe that he ran to a hotel to meet with our girls of a low social class, although they are the best in the world,” Putin said.

Putin wouldn’t rest with simply countering the points presented in the document, instead taking the offensive against those he claimed ordered the false information and then spread it for political gain.