Attacks on Lviv

On March 24th, Russia launched significant missile attacks on Ukraine’s western region and the city of Lviv, according to statements from Kyiv. These attacks, part of a broader offensive that included the capital city of Kyiv, involved the launching of 57 missiles and drones.

This barrage came just two days following the most extensive attack on Ukraine’s power infrastructure since the escalation of the conflict over two years ago. Maksym Kozytskyi, Lviv’s regional leader, reported on Telegram that the strikes targeted the same critical infrastructure facility previously attacked, utilizing Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, known for their difficulty to be intercepted. The specific facility targeted was not disclosed.

During these assaults, a significant energy installation in the Lviv area was hit, resulting in a fire and a subsequent power outage. It remains unclear if this was the same facility mentioned by Kozytskyi. Ukraine’s energy ministry revealed that the country had to substantially increase its electricity imports and halt exports following these attacks on its energy framework.