Weak western leadership and a sensationalist press corps are driving us closer to a Nuclear spring in Ukraine.

At this point, the chances of Russia winning a ground war in Ukraine are extremely low, and Putin must realize this by now.

Historically an invading force needs more than a 3 to 1 ratio (or more) of troops. Putin lacks these numbers, and his fighters clearly lack motivation (listen here). Russian Defense Technology is like AOL dial-up vs. 5G compared to Ukraine’s newly acquired arms, supplied mainly by America. And the Ukrainians aren’t messing around; they are an extremely motivated fighting force and continue to enjoy a steady supply of foreign volunteer fighters.

This, and financial sanctions, will inevitably force Putin to consider the nuclear option.

If you don’t think the Russian dictator will use nukes in Ukraine, you need to educate yourself on the history of Russian warfare, study Putin’s nationalistic rhetoric, and run the thought experiment of Russia dropping a tactical nuke on Kyiv.

If Putin nuked Kyiv tomorrow, the west would likely bend the knee.

Am I wrong? Prove it in the comments below.

Another unfortunate circumstance we all face right now is that America and Europe have no strong leadership.