Off Label Use

Since mid-March, the Ukrainian City of Rubizhne has bravely been holding out against Russian attackers. To say the Ukrainians have taken a beating would be quite an understatement. Putin’s army has tried every means thinkable to take the eastern Ukraine town of 56,700 (before the war) citizens. Some weapons were used in unconventional ways. Take, for instance, their use of the UR-77 Mine Clearing Vehicle, nicknamed the Meteorite.

It doesn’t look much like a badass machine capable of tremendous destruction, but have a look at what it does. Video courtesy of YouTube and Crux.

Destroying Civilian Structures

During the battle of Rubizhne, Ukrainian fighters were using the campus of the RPK Poray-Koshitsy college as a hold-out fighting position. As you can see in the video above, a rather ordinary-looking tracked vehicle launches a projectile into the center of an already devastated urban landscape. However, if you look closely, you can see something resembling a rope trailing the projectile; that’s a 90-meter-long explosive charge.