Putin Announces Arrest of Attackers

In a national broadcast on Saturday, March 23rd, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, announced the arrest of 11 individuals linked to a violent shooting at a well-known concert location in Moscow that resulted in the death of at least 133 people.

Among those detained are the four attackers who unleashed gunfire. Putin suggested the attackers were attempting to flee to Ukraine, claiming Ukraine had facilitated their escape, an allegation Ukrainian authorities have vehemently denied.

The attackers targeted Crocus City Hall, a vast complex for shopping and entertainment situated on the outskirts of Moscow, on Friday night. The venue was set ablaze during the assault, which came shortly after warnings from the U.S. about a potential terrorist attack in the Russian capital.

The Russian Investigative Committee reported additional casualties found at the scene on Saturday, predicting an increase in the death toll. With 16 of the 107 hospitalized victims in critical condition and 44 in serious condition, the situation remains dire.

During his address, Putin condemned the assault as a premeditated massacre of unarmed civilians, promising immediate retribution against those behind this act of terror, likening their actions to historical atrocities. He assured that all involved in orchestrating and carrying out the attack would face severe punishment.

ISIS Has Claimed Responsibility