I recently had a chance to catch up with my friend and former U.S. Army Ranger sniper Nick Irving. Nick has written for SOFREP in the past, and recently finished a book with St. Martin’s Press called “The Reaper.” I read the advanced copy, and it’s legit. I thought you all would enjoy a little Q&A with Nick about the book, and his experiences in the Ranger Regiment.

Enjoy learning about the “two-way range”.


BW: Nick, all of us SOF guys have our reasons for writing. What was your main motive behind writing your book?

I grew up watching History Channel shows and reading books from the library about SOF in Vietnam. The men within SOF are what lead me to want to pursue a career as a SEAL or Army Ranger. The book is what I feel should be done. No one ever talks about the Ranger contribution to the GWOT. I believe that we sacrificed a lot, and the guys we lost within Battalion need their story told rather than having a name scroll past the bottom of a television screen.

BW: I know the Army has two different courses. Can you tell us about your sniper training?

My sniper training involved multiple courses. I was lucky enough to be in at a time where Battalion sent our snipers to a wide variety of schools. Before I attended the U.S. Army Sniper Course, I had to train up with the veteran snipers of 3rd Ranger Battalion, somewhat of a pre-sniper-school course. After that, I attended the Army Sniper Course (five weeks long), a private long-range precision course (in Texas), the 75th Ranger Regiment DM course, and a private high-angle precision sniper course (in California).

BW: How did the Ranger Regiment continue your marksmanship training beyond Big Army’s course?