Today Nick Irving took a few moments of his time to answer some questions from his upcoming book “Way of the Reaper” which is a follow-up to the New York Times Best Seller “The Reaper” which chronicled one of Nick’s deployments to Afghanistan as a sniper with 3rd Ranger Battalion.
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1. “The Reaper” went on to be a best-selling memoir about one of your deployments to Afghanistan as a sniper, what is the follow up “Way of the Reaper” about?
Way of the Reaper covers the entire span of my time with 3rd Ranger Battalion and deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. It also covers the transition period from Ranger to joining the private military sector and struggles faced.
2. Could you talk a bit about the specific combat missions covered in the book?
Sure! “Way of the Reaper” details the some of the most intense operations that I’ve been on with 3rd Ranger Battalion over the span of multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Unlike the Reaper that only covered a span of 3 1/2 months.
3. How does being in a Ranger platoon differ from being in sniper section?
The difference is the level of leadership, experience and a special skill set. Everyone in sniper section has a special skill (sniper) that they use on every operation as well as back in the rear.  We shoot 2-3 times a week, sometimes more, and every Ranger in the section is a leader, having been tabbed.
4. During your time in Ranger Battalion, how did the unit change and evolve to meet emerging threats in the war on terror?
Our tactics changed drastically! The unit that was once known for exclusively seizing airfields and pulling security for tier 1 units, evolved into a unit that executes 120 special operation direct action raids capturing high value targets that was once only reserved for tier 1 units.  There was a lot of work overseas and it was only the inevitable before we had to step up to the plate to meet the needs of SOCOM.
5. In “Way of the Reaper” will we read more about any of your team mates mentioned in the first book?
Most definitely! You’ll also get a chance to meet a few new awesome Rangers that I had the honor of serving with in Iraq!


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“Way of the Reaper” can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.