Coalition Special Operations forces have been fighting the good fight in Iraq for over 17 years. The face of the enemy has somewhat changed over the years, but the tactics the enemy uses to inflict damage and terror have largely remained the same.

Our Special Operations units have proved their worth time and time again while fighting in Iraq. The situation is fluid: Utilizing fast-moving, well-trained, and unconventional forces, have been a key piece to destroying the enemy.

While the U.S. still has Special Operations units rotating to the region, their role, by and large, has transitioned to serving as an advisory force and an emergency element.

With the swing of military responsibility falling on the Iraqi government and its people, the existence of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF), also known as the Qwat al-Khasah, which translates to “Special Forces” in Arabic, has never been as vital as it is now.