On Jan 31-Feb 1 2023, I was able to attend the Western Winter Sports Representatives Association “WWSRA show Demo day” at Brighton Ski Resort in Utah, where Buyers, Retailers and industry pros traveled from all over for the opportunity to ride/test/demo the latest and greatest in the ski and snowboards world.

The WWSRA is where Reps and manufacturers in the snow sports industry come together on the Mountain for Demo day and to discuss new products and concepts for retail buyers, shops, and riders alike in order to stock the latest products for their stores for the upcoming snow season.

We Join Sofrep Radio host Aaron “Rad” Radl as he talks with Pros, Designers, and Reps for brands like Nitro, Weston, Rossignol, Bataleon, Jones, Never Summer and more.

If you already enjoy winter sports then I know you’ll enjoy the latest gear conversations from these companies.

Snow sports are a good way to enjoy your self and forget about stress that invades your brain and the Veteran/Beteran community is exploring snow sports all the time as a means of coping with depression and other types of issues unique to each person, I know when I ride on a mountain and breath the cool air I feel a sense of peace and calm and I know that if you give snow sports a chance you will see your “brain fog” clear up too. We have a saying here at the house of SOFREP and that is “Thrills before pills” pick up a pair of skis, snowboard, ski-bike, or snowshoes and put down the pills. It’s a pure dopamine adrenaline environment when your on the Mountain or simply out in nature.

As we know snow sports are not cheap, the gear, the tickets, the access, the time, it’s an investment in your self and never forget you are priceless, so get your @$$ on the mountain.

Here is a tip: most resorts will have a military discount or programs where you can learn if you call and ask them.