Part four of this series is about my classmates. Actually, it is about one specific, and particularly annoying, subset of classmates. I made a reference to gay black guys in the first article in this series. I don’t have any problem with gay black guys, or gay guys in general. If you’re gay, be gay. I’m not that interested in other people’s sexuality to begin with, but I’ve never had any grievance with gay students. There is another group I do have serious issues with though: effeminate men.

I sat next to the door on the first day of one of my history classes. While the professor was lecturing, one of the students gets up halfway through the class and heads for the door. He decided he didn’t like the class and wanted to cop out halfway through. So this hero waltzes up to the door with his hipster black-frame glasses, trendy haircut, and immaculate brown loafers. The door was one of those metal fire doors that you typically find in schools. So this man-child grips the knob and pulls.

But the door doesn’t open.

He pulls again. The door isn’t locked, it is just a little heavier than a conventional wooden door. He pulls a third time but the door doesn’t open. The professor continues to talk, but this sorry excuse for a male is clanking the door knob every time he turns it and is quickly attracting the attention of the entire class. He pulls on the door again, but still can’t get it open.