There are some Ranger legends out there, the kind a Platoon Sergeant or even a Sergeant Major who has served in the 75th Ranger Regiment might tell you about if you ask him.  The time 2/75 got called in to deal with a prison riot in Central America with axe handles, the combat jump into Panama when a new Sergeant got the shit kicked out of him for unhooking his static line, hitting the floor of the plane, and yelling “I quit, I quit”…or was it actually “I’m hit, I’m hit!”  I’ve been sifting through the either to try to get the real deal behind some of these stories.  Until then, enjoy this Ranger legend from The News Tribute about how some Rangers got into a firefight with a bunch of drug dealers in Tacoma. -Jack

Nobody died in the Ash Street shootout. That was the miracle.

Ten minutes, 300 shots. Army Rangers versus gangsters. Bullet holes and broken windows. The night of Sept. 23, 1989 turned the Tacoma Hilltop into a national bulls-eye, an emblem of unrest.

Bill Foulk, the retired Ranger who led a group of Army buddies in a defensive stand against the gangsters, still lives in the same house: 2319 S. Ash St.

He wouldn’t leave then, even though his commanders urged him to do so. He isn’t leaving now. At 52, it amuses him to think he’s turned into the old guy on the block.

A few years back, a Tacoma police officer said something to him about the shootout.

“He said it was the single most important incident in Tacoma that caused a change in police policies and practices,” Foulk said.

“I guess I’m still surprised that people are still interested in that story,”Foulk added – which is part jive, because he knows it’s a good story.