Film and Culture: a class where you go to watch movies and listen to lectures on the craft of creating a film.  It was an interesting class, but not a hard one.  Every class we would sit in the theater-like auditorium and spend the first two hours watching an entire movie.  We had a variety of films from Casablanca to Memento.

I soaked up every second of every movie and all the information that followed, knowing that an easy A was coming of all this.  Being a film nerd, I loved every part of it–every part but one.  The veteran behind me.

Marines are pussies.”  Was the first thing I heard him say.  His voice echoed just loud enough so everyone could hear him over the movie.  We were basically in a movie theater, and he had begun his obnoxious commentary that allowed him to prove himself to 19-year-old college students.

In the movie, I can’t remember which, a Marine had failed in some way or another, to no fault of his own.  But this guy took it as his opportunity to tell everyone how that this particular Marine was no special exception to failure.  I turned my head and, as I expected, he wore a gaudy Army t-shirt that looked more like a recruiting billboard than an article of clothing.  He was also grossly overweight.