There is a BIG misconception that a Ranger is a Ranger. “I have a Ranger Tab, I’m a Ranger!” Negative! You are Ranger-qualified. Not saying that those who graduate Ranger School shouldn’t be proud of their accomplishment, it’s a tough school. That being said, it is just a school.

Ranger School is a 62-day leadership school broken up into three phases: Darby, Mountain, and Swamp. The Army, Navy SEALs, Marines, etc., are all allowed to participate in Ranger School. The SEALs who attend are not Navy SEAL Rangers, they are SEALs.

Ranger Battalion is an entirely different entity and is in no way “like Ranger School.” Ranger Battalion is a Special Operations, all-male unit, and has been deployed in support of the GWOT since October 2011, continuously, 4778 days.

The 75th Ranger Regiment has also killed/captured more HVT/enemy than any other Special Operations unit or regular unit in the US military. The 75th may deploy for only 90-120 days at a time, but the operational tempo is extremely high. During my deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, we would average 100+ special operation missions over the course of 90 days.