Team Room members, it’s time to give you all an assignment. We have an outstanding video series about the US Army Rangers. These ELITE warriors are out there every day, putting lives on the line in service to OUR country, and they are a fine group of men.

Our video series features four former US Army Rangers – Jack Murphy, Nick Irving, Clyde Carmody and Isaiah Burkhart. These men became Rangers at around the same time, they fought together, they lost friends together, and they survived together. And yeah, they partied like there was no tomorrow together.

I grew up watching the old World at War series, a British series with intense music and great production quality. But that series featured guys 30 years removed from a war that was fought when my parents were kids. It was practically history class. And I too read all the books about LRRPS in Vietnam. I never saw or read anything like these videos.

Our Rangers series is very much in the present day, and very real. And here at SOFREP, we think this living history is just a little bit important, too.

Jack Murphy, Nick Irving, Isaiah Burkhart and Clyde Carmody tell you what it really takes to make it as a US Army Ranger. Real daily life as a Ranger. RIP, Battalion, combat, barracks, off-base. What these guys talk about will open your eyes. It may even blow you away a little.

Now, I manage everything here at SOFREP. I know how many members we have, and I know how many times each video has played, and I know for sure that the majority of you haven’t yet watched these videos. Not trying to make you feel guilty, but honestly, you’re missing out.

So….here’s your assignment.

Between today, Friday, April 19, and next Friday, April 26, I want YOU to sit down at your computer, your iPad, or however you access Team Room, and I want you to watch the series.