Let’s get one thing straight: I respect a tab-wearing Ranger. I revere the person like I do those who wear the U.S. Navy SEAL trident. I have said this before: No matter what the person becomes later in life after earning the trident and the tab, no matter what a worthless piece of excrement they might become, you can never take away the fact that those people at one time in their lives endured the Hell on Earth required to wear those accolades.

Now, if I see a right-sleeve, Ranger-scroll-wearing badass, I would likely walk barefoot over flaming broken glass to shake his hand. If we are not all on the same page, then I recommend reading a few pages on the Ranger assault on the Haditha Dam in Iraq. A Ranger force of 154 seized and held the dam for five days until being reinforced. In that time, they were shelled by over 350 rounds of 155mm howitzer and countless RPGs, and endured countless attacks of over 100 Iraqi insurgents at a time. When it was over, 28 howitzers, 10 mortar tubes, 23 AAA guns, 29 tanks, and an estimated 400 Iraqi troops had been destroyed. The Rangers suffered no mortalities.

A close personal friend of mine from the Delta force, Ironhead, left the Unit to become a command sergeant major (CSM) in the 75th Ranger Regiment. There, he found himself on Haditha Dam with an SR-25 laying waste to ragheads below. As he recounted to me, a couple of his young Rangers approached and asked, “CSM, what are we doing here by ourselves?”

Ironhead replied, “Well, we’re deep behind enemy lines, we took a target that is way too big for us, and now we have to hold it.”

“We are performing a Ranger legacy task,” replied one of the Rangers.

Now the unthinkable has happened. Women have endured and graduated U.S. Army Ranger School. Has the world gone mad? But wait, what has really happened? I’d like to offer what I perceive to be the upside and the downside of the argument of females in Ranger School, and a “food for thought” measure of admonishment for the near future regarding this subject.

The immediate reactive thought that comes to the minds of most of us special operations elitists is, “WTF happened to the standards? They must have lowered the standards. Yes, that’s it, they lowered the standards. We want answers and we want them now!”

The media is quick to supply us with those answers in the form of promising quotes from military high command: