I found this awesome video on Youtube.com from a Vietnam vet who took a camera out on patrol and got some super-rare footage of Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) soldiers while out in the jungle.  From the author of the video:

Super 8 movies from field missions of the LRRPs of K Company, 75th Infantry early in 1970. There are two field missions on this video. The first is a standard LRRP four man team, Romeo 18. I was the assistant team leader. Gary Heald, Billy Powers, and Mark Estopare were my teammates.

The second mission is a double LRRP team sent to the site where three LRRPS were KIA a week or two earlier. The lone survivor of that team was Sgt Jim Doss, who was KIA a few months later.

Both missions would be peaceful and uneventful. You didn’t expect me to be taking home movies with bullets flying, did you? In fact, there is a definite mood swing toward frivolity as the second mission winds down and the birds are in the air.

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