Here I sit, hunkered down in the hazy gloam of my fortified compound, a smoking typewriter before me and a fifth of Wild Turkey to my side, staring down the ever-encroaching madness of the world with defiance. Among the myriad currents of information that pound the shores of my consciousness, there is an island of lucidity, a fortress against the maelstrom of drivel. It goes by the name of SOFREP.

SOFREP, you ask? Indeed. An oasis of truth in a desert of deception, an unsheathed blade cutting through the corpulent beast of propaganda and falsehoods.

Motorcycles and guns. Love ’em both!

What’s to like about it? Oh, dear reader, it’s not a question of liking. It’s a question of need. You don’t ask a man in the desert if he likes water; he damn well needs it, lest he surrender to the unforgiving sun.

So, too, do I need SOFREP. Its raw, unfiltered reportage is a rarity in these dark times, a beacon guiding us through the foggy seas of international affairs, terrorism, and all that shadowy business that transpires when men of power close their doors.