First off, let’s discuss the specific role of Recon Battalion (or Division Recon). They are the eyes and ears of the Marine Division, providing ground and amphibious reconnaissance and surveillance support. With the recent reorganization of the reconnaissance community, Recon Battalion is also providing direct support to the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) in the form of Force Recon Company (which now falls under Recon Battalion).

There are 3 active duty Reconnaissance Battalions located in North Carolina, California and Japan. There is also one reserve Recon Battalion that has elements throughout the United States. Each Battalion has a Force Recon Company under its command.


Realizing it is my choice and my choice alone
to be a Reconnaissance Marine,
I accept all challenges involved with this profession.
Forever shall I strive to maintain the tremendous reputation
of those who went before me.

Exceeding beyond the limitations
set down by others shall be my goal.
Sacrificing personal comforts and dedicating myself
to the completion of the reconnaissance mission shall be my life.
Physical fitness, mental attitude, and high ethics —

The title of Recon Marine is my honor.

Conquering all obstacles, both large and small,
I shall never quit.
To quit, to surrender, to give up is to fail.
To be a Recon Marine is to surpass failure;
To overcome, to adapt and to do whatever it takes
to complete the mission.

On the battlefield, as in all areas of life,
I shall stand tall above the competition.
Through professional pride, integrity, and teamwork,
I shall be the example
for all Marines to emulate.